Here are the violins that are available, please click on them for additional images.



Violin LOB 14"

Italian Labeled Violin 1886, warm, rich tone, responsive and straightforward to play. The Violin is newly set up and ready to play.

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Trial welcome.






Excellent quality Chinese workshop made full size violin.

Newly set up with a bright tone, projects well. Easy  and responsive to play.

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French 3/4 sized Violin made circa 1890, LOB 13 1/2"

A 3/4 sized French violin circa 1890.

Newly set up and ready to play. LOB 13 1/2 inches.

An ideal violin for a more advanced child student grade 3 plus.

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Fully Refurbished Stentor 3/4 sized Violin (1 of 2)

Fully refurbished Stentor 3/4 violin.

String heights at nut and bridge have been corrected.

Supplied with new strings and pegs, and also with an upgraded bow.

Set up to be easy to play.

Ideal starter instrument.

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£120 including bow, case and rosin.



Stentor 1/4 sized Violin

1/4 violin newly set up with correct string heights at bridge and nut, new Pirastro Piranito strings.

Easy to play.

Ideal starter fiddle for a child 5 -7 years old.

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£80 to include upgraded case and upgraded bow